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Father, Hear the Cry of the Blood in the Ground and Avenge!

Elder Willard Proctor, Jr.                                                                                                                   August 15, 2014

Father God, in the Name of Jesus, You are the Only, True, Wise and Living God!  By Your Word, You created the earth and the things that are seen in it.  The earth was not made by a big bang, by evolution or by the hands of a man. You spoke the earth into existence.  This is one of the many things that makes You so Awesome!  You made the things that are seen with things that are unseen.  You made the mountains, the clouds and the oceans that are seen by Your Immutable, Unchangeable Word, not by rocks, dirt or water.  Only a Living God could do this.

Father God, we are grateful.   Thank-You for blessing us with life.  Thank-You for blessing us with health.  Thank-you for blessing us with strength.  Thank-You for blessing us with Your Grace and Your Favor.  Thank-You for the brand new mercies this day has brought.  And, Thank-You for Your Never-Failing Compassion.   

Father God, sprinkle the Blood of Jesus on our conscience.  Cleanse us from every iniquity, trespass and sin.    Purge us and we shall be clean.  Wash us and we shall be whiter than snow.   Give us a clean heart, and renew within us a right spirit, which is the Holy Spirit.

Genesis 4: 8 – 10

8 And Cain talked with Abel his brother: and it came to pass, when they were in the field, that Cain rose up against Abel his brother, and slew him.

 9 And the LORD said unto Cain, Where is Abel thy brother? And he said, I know not: Am I my brother's keeper?

 10 And he said, What hast thou done? the voice of thy brother's blood crieth unto me from the ground.

Father God, our petition and prayer to You is that the violent, unjust killings of our unarmed young people, especially our young African-American men, stop. 

We understand that Cain still walks in the earth.  We saw Cain’s seed, George Zimmerman, rise up against Trayvon Martin and slay him.  Zimmerman, armed with a gun, rose up and murdered Trayvon, who was unarmed.  Trayvon was walking home. 

We saw Cain’s seed, Michael Dunn, rise up against Jordan Davis and slay him.  Dunn, armed with a gun, rose up and murdered Jordan, who was unarmed.  Jordan was sitting in a car. 

We saw Cain’s seed, Randell Kerrick rise up against Jonathan Ferrell and slay him.  Kerrick, a police officer armed with a gun, rose up and murdered Randell, who was unarmed. Randall was looking for help after being involved in a car accident.

Trayvon’s blood is crying to You from the ground.  Zimmerman was acquitted by a jury in Florida.  He walks free.  He is still allowed to carry a gun.  Trayvon’s blood still cries to You for justice.  When will he be avenged?

The ground was still wet with the blood of Trayvon when Jordan’s blood was spilled.  Now, Jordan’s blood is also crying to You from the ground.  Dunn was convicted of attempted second degree murder but a Florida jury could not reach a verdict on the charge of murder of Jordan.  While in jail, Dunn wrote that the jail was full of “blacks and they all act like thugs.”  Dunn is free to make slanderous remarks about African-Americans.  Jordan’s blood still cries to You for justice.  When will he be avenged?

The ground was still wet with the blood of Trayvon and Jordan when Jonathan’s blood was spilled.  Now, Jonathan’s blood is also crying to You from the ground.    A North Carolina Grand Jury has indicted Kerrick a voluntary manslaughter change.  Kerrick awaits trial.  Jonathan’s blood still cries to You for justice.  When will he be avenged?

The ground is full of the blood of other African-Americans whose blood is crying to You.  This is of no moment to Cain’s seed.  They keep ruthlessly killing.  Cain’s seed has used positions of authority to kill.  In Staten Island, New York, Eric Garner, an unarmed African-American man was killed by police with a choke hold that had been banned.  In Ferguson, Missouri, Michael Brown, an unarmed African-American man was shot and killed by the police on his way to his grandmother’s house.  In Los Angeles, California, Ezell Ford, an unarmed African-American man was shot and killed by the police.

Father, the ground is soaked with the blood of murdered unarmed African-Americans.  Their blood is crying to You from the ground.  When will You avenge?  Now, we too, join their cry, avenge their blood.  Exact vengeance upon their murderers.  Remember those that supported, enabled and encouraged them. 

Father, this tactic of killing Blacks has been used before to stop saviors.  When You were about to deliver Your people out of the bondage of Egypt through Moses, the male children were killed to stop Moses.  When You were about to come on this earth through the womb of Mary, the male children were killed to stop You.  Now, it is evident that You are soon to return, because African-American men are being killed to stop Moses and Elijah from returning.

Father, our sons, like Michael Brown, are about the start college.  Our brothers, like Jordan Davis, ride in cars.  Our nephews, like Jonathan Ferrell, are stranded in strange places at times and need help.  Our fathers, like Eric Garner, encounter the police.   Cain’s seed kills.  And, without Your intervention, his seed will continue to kill.  Just as You put a stop to Cain, put a stop to Cain’s seed.

Father, in the police departments, move the leaders who tolerate, encourage, foster or support police officers who abuse their authority.  The blue code of silence in police departments is an unwritten code in police departments not to report other officer’s errors, mistakes, and crimes.  You place a weighty responsibility in the hands of police officers.  They have the power to end a life.  They can determine how and where an individual will spend their life.   Place righteousness in the hearts of the police officers.  Protect and cover those police officers who are doing right.  Expose and remove police officers who are doing wrong.  End the blue code of silence.  Put people in authority, like Joseph, who are trustworthy, honest visionaries.

Father, the black man is hated in America.  He is Adam, Moses, Elijah, David.  He is hated because he is the original man created in the Garden of Eden.  He is also hated because he is shaped and molded in the form of Christ.  And, He is hated because he is the messenger that will be used to announce and herald Your return. 

Many Americans hate President Obama ostensibly because of his policies, but in truth, it is because he is Black.   He reminds them too much of Trayvon, Jordan, Michael and Eric. 

Place Your Holy Spirit upon President Obama.  Guide him, lead him and direct him.  Cause Your Favor to shine upon him.  Equip him with the tools that he needs to address all of the issues and challenges this nation faces.  Then, bless his efforts with the My Brother’s Keeper Initiative.   Through this effort, use the resources of this Country to build African-American men.

Father, there are governors, mayors, city managers and legislators that are in position to do something about the injustices we see.  Raise up righteousness in them.  Give them a heart to pass laws, implement rules and create programs that will address the lack of understanding of cultural and racial differences and the other root causes of problems leading to the killing of African-Americans.

Finally, Father, change our African-American men.  Wake them up to the reality that they are targets.  They will continue to be targets until You return.  Awaken our African-American men to the great responsibility that they have to usher in, through their seed, Moses and Elijah.  Stop the efforts to abort them at birth.  Stop the efforts of the dream catchers that discourage them in school.   Stop the efforts of the streets to pull them into lives of drugs, illicit sex and crime.  Stop the efforts of conformist to emasculate them.  Make them love themselves.  Then, make them love their brothers as they love themselves.   Father, You need our mouths, our hands and our feet to do this work.  Prepare, teach and train us so that we can be the hands, the mouths, the eyes, the ears, legs, the feet and the minds to do this work for You!         

Father, soothe the pains of those that are grieving the deaths of those lost at the hands of violence.  Surround those that are grieving with Your Love.  We do not know them personally, so we pray for them.  Hear our prayers that we offer for them.  Help us to prepare our sons and daughters to deal with the hate they will encounter.  Help us to deal with the hate they we encounter.  Use us as living epistles of the Power of Your Name, Your Word and Your Blood. 

Father, we ask all of these things in Jesus Name. Amen