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Elder Linda D. Scott,  Pastor 

1.   God's instructions to Abraham:  Genesis 11:26-32

§        If you'll notice, God did not give Abram's father the Covenant

§        Nor did God give the Covenant to Terah's other sons

§        But, Lot became close to Abram and the benefits came to Lot

§        All of this was in God's heart before Abram was born 

2.   The Call of Abraham:  Genesis 12:1-9

§        God told Abram to leave momma and daddy, brothers, sisters and buddies

§        Abram's blessings was not with daddy or mommy

§        Abram was told that his name would be great even greater than his dad’s name

§        As long as we are of the "Abrahamic Covenant", we are blessed as well 

3.  The Covenant of God is with Isaac before his birth:  Genesis 17:20-22

§        Old age means nothing to God.

§         Even the children born outside of the "Abrahamic Covenant", will be blessed, not in the same way, but blessed none the less

§        God Speaks ONCE maybe twice  

4.   The Birth of Isaac until he was three years old:  Genesis 21:1-14

§        Now, it is one year later, the seed of promise has come

§        Verse 8, the child is three years old and weaned

§        Now, a battle between the wife and the bondwoman

§         God is for the bondwoman leaving, for her to be put out and her son 

5.   The Covenant of God with Isaac:  Genesis 25:19-34

§        Isaac's training by his mother and father was to have "faith" in God, and he prayed       accordingly

§        God heard Issac's prayer and answered him 

§        The family fight begins between Esau and Jacob from the womb

§        Isaac and Rebekah were married 20 years, then they had two children

§        Now, we have the same Covenant given to us, because of Abraham and Sarah, Isaac and Rebekah, Jacob and Leah 

6.   The Covenant that God made with Jacob:  Genesis 28:1-9

§        The first charge Jacob had from his father as he was leaving home, he obeyed

§        Esau received the same charge, but didn't obey, he just walked through the family and the heathen nation

§        Genesis 29:31-35. God saw that Leah was hated by others, so He blessed her with children 

§        Family, when they see the "favor" of God upon you, they begin to hate you and me