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Pastor Linda Scott                                                September 7, 2014

In Lasciviousness:

(1) Lewdness: showing a desire for, or unseemly interest in sex.

(2) Erotic: provoking lust.

(3) Lascivious is a  word synonymous with  lustful or lewd or unruly.


In Lusts:

(1) Sinful longing; the inward sin which leads to the falling away from God (Romams1:21).  "Lust, the origin of sin has its place in the heart, not of necessity.

(2) Intense or unrestrained sexual craving.

(3) An overwhelming desire or craving:  a lust for power. b.Intense eagerness or enthusiasm: a lust forlife.

(4) Lust is a primary ingredient of sex addiction.  In

our correspondence with sex addicts, we find that people are often confused about what lust is.


In Excess of WineLuke21:34; Romans13:13;Ephesians 5, 1Peter 4:3

(1) the fact of exceeding something else in amount or degree

(2) the amount or degree by which one thing exceeds


(3) The state of exceeding what is normal or sufficient


In Reveling.

(1) to take great pleasure or delight in

(2) joyful or festive activity

(3) To make merry; indulge in boisterous festivities.


In Banqueting:1Peter1:1; Matthew 4:3-4

      (1)  Alavish meal;feast.

(2)  A ceremonious public dinner,especially one honoring a person,benefiting acharity, etc.


In Abominable idolatries: Galatians 5:20-23;Corinthians10:14; Colossians 3:5; 1Peter 4:3.

(1) worthy of or causing disgust or hatred:  detestable

<the abominable treatment of the poor>                                                     (2) quite disagreeable or unpleasant

(3) Unequivocally detestable; loathsome

(4) Idolatries, the religious worship of idols.

(5) Excessive or blind adoration, reverence, devotion, etc.

(6) Idolatries:  worship of idols;excessive devotion to or reverence      for some person or thing;

(7) the worship of false gods, idolatry used of the fonnal sacrificial feasts held in honor of false gods,of avarice, as a worship of Mammon (which see), the vices springing from idolatry and peculiar to it,


Examples of Excessiveness/Idolatry:


     Excessive Celebration of Birthdays

     Celebration of Holidays

     Excessive Celebration of The Birth of a child

     Excessive Celebration of Death of a person

     Excessive Celebration of Family Reunions

     Excessive Celebration of Class Reunions

     Excessive Drinking of Wine

     Excessive Banqueting

     Excessive Hanging around Idols


     Excessive Sex Evil Concupiscence (Romans 7:8)

Now, Being Holy We Walk In The Newness Of Life:

     (1) Now, abominations are moved out of our life

(2) Now, Our Moderation is made Known to All

(3) We have become Peaceful rather than Reveling

(4) We do not eat at the tables of sinners/backsliders

(5) We do not have Idols in our home nor on jobs

(6) Wdo not allow ourselves to lust after......

(7) Now, we do not drink wine in excess

(8) Now,we do not smoke dope

(9) Now,we do not indulge in drinking alcohol

(10) Now, we do not do drugs of any kind

(11)We now, dress descent, not lewd

(12)We now, do not use words that causes lust

(13)Now,we do not use profanity or vulgarities

(14)Now, we do not curse with the fingers

(15)  Now, we are not addicted to sex

(16) Now,we do not provoke lust by pornography

(17) Now,we do not go any where, such as night clubs

(18)Now, we do not entertain much

(19)Now, we practice in everything, temperance

(20) Now, we worship Only ONE God