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Church Services should not be something you go to see like a movie, play, game or a concert.  When you come to Church you are an essential and vital part of our services. 

 Why?  When you come, you bring the Church!  At Abundant Grace, we welcome you because you help us have Church every time you come. 

 We are a teaching ministry.   So, what does that mean?  Jesus taught His disciples up until the day he ascended on the cloud back to Heaven.  Jesus is coming back for a people that look just like Him.  How do you look like Jesus?  The answer is that look like His Word.  Jesus is The Word. He left the Holy Spirit to lead and guide us into all truth and knowledge.  Through the knowledge and understanding of His Word, you will understand Who God is and what He requires.   

So, come prepared to learn.  In most services, you will be given a Message which contains scriptures, definitions and references.   You are always welcome to ask questions if you don’t understand.  Services held during the week are relaxed and interactive.  Even during Sunday Service, you’ll get a chance to be involved. The focus of the ministry is to teach to meet the needs of every aspect of your life.