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September 7, 2014                                                                               Elder L. D. Scott, Pastor


Psalms 70 -  Prayer in times of Persecution

Father God, Thank You for salvation! Thank You for choosing to save my soul! Thank You Father, for causing my curiosity and my anger to be turned around, into salvation! Thank You My Father, for those who witnessed to me and how You won me to You through their witness.  Thank You for saving my soul!!!

Father, truly I was a wretch undone, sin owned me and all of its holds, held me until You stepped up to me through someone arguing, teasing, or just witnessing about the Great Name of Jesus, for that I say Thank You!!!

Father, as a child born through the womb, I had no choice to come to You on my own, but You laid a charge on my parents, the woman and the man, that You chose to bring me into this earth, to get Your name on me through baptism and for that I say, Thank You!!!! Father God, I know that I walked away from the teachings of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and I learned the ways of the heathens as I was taught against as I grew up and became what I thought a man or a woman was supposed to be.  And, I thought I was coming against the teachings of the Pastor, but I have learned through study that she was only teaching what was already written and expounding more clearly for my learning and for my understanding, so I ask for Your forgiveness in the self-righteousness that I have walked in, forgive me Lord!!!!

Father God, every idol that I was taught about, I released them after coming into the knowledge of Jesus Christ as my Lord and my Savior, never to pick them back up again in any kind of way. But, there are places where the Saints have gone and it is full of idolatry and I have sat with them not knowing that this will stop my Spiritual growth.  So, I come today to tell You that You have a free course in my life, open my eyes so that I can see!!! Open my ears so that I can hear!!! Lead my feet into the way I should go!!! Guide my heart in the way it should think!!! Wash me clean again, so that I may serve You from a Pure Heart!!!

Father, it is written, that PERSECUTIONS will come, but Lord purify our hearts, cleanse our thoughts, purge our soul and wash us!!! Father we must prepare for persecutions and the only thing we have is the Word.  So, allow Your Holy Spirit to breathe upon us freely as we suffer persecution for Your Namesake and we will suffer well, with You leading and guiding us.

Father God, our Pastor has been under attack from every side for the last ten years.  The work that she does is criticized, demoralized, mocked and scorned, so we pray for her strength in You and Your continued guidance!! She suffers persecution as one day we may suffer, from her family, from her neighbors, from the Saints who don’t even know her, nor have ever been taught by her.  But, they believe the voices of the persecutors and they send her nasty messages against her because her persecutors got too close to her and at one time were church members.  So Lord, when they come to me with words of filth against the Shepherd over my Soul, help me to stand up like the Saints of OLD did when Peter was under persecution in prayer and in fasting.  And, touch my mind so that I will NOT receive and accusation against her.  But, that I pray for her daily and on the specified day, that I dedicate that day to praying for her.  And now Father, we collectively come together to ask You according to the writings of David our father from Psalms 70:

1.  Make haste, o God, to deliver me; make haste to help me, O Lord. Father God, bring deliverance to her and anyone else who is being persecuted, quick deliverance, make haste to deliver O Lord.  We know that You live in eternity and we in time.  But, whatever is haste for You, O Lord, do it quickly, so that the people who are being kept from You will finally come.  Bring true deliverance to those You are calling, but because of the persecutors, they won’t come.  So now, move and remove every negative force that works against the Church and that that willingly persecutes the Shepherd over my soul!!!

2. Let them be ashamed and confounded that seek after my soul: let them be turned backward, and put to confusion, that desire my hurt. Father, David said it for himself and so I say what he said, everyone that has risen up against the Shepherd over my soul, cause shame to come to them and that they be humiliated and mortified.  Cause a condition of feeling discomfort and embarrassment to come upon them and cause them to be confounded.  Let the spirit of Alhtimers and befuddling come on them.  What they have tried to do to Abundant Grace Apostolic Church and to its Pastor do so to them.  They are so deserving of their own condemnation or displeasure.

3. Let them be turned back for a reward of their shame that say, Aha, aha. Father, You said that You would laugh at the wicked, so have a great big laugh.  O Lord, because they are being used by Satan to stop the work that You started in 1977 so let their reward be that of shame.  Cause them to loose everything that they are working for, bring the kind of shame that comes on the homeless, the hungry and the jobless.  They laugh and they come together who once never had anything to do with each other, other than Church.  The backsliders are keeping company together, so open a large pail of shame for them and pour it out generously and cause them to want You back, but let them find no place any longer in You.  So, as You did Judas, so do unto them, let them find their place in Perdition!!!!

4. Let all those that seek thee rejoice and be glad in thee: and let such as love thy salvation say continually, Let God be magnified. O Lord, for those of us who seek Your face and love Your salvation, let these four words always be in our mouth, Let God Be Magnified!!! In everything that we do and say, You be magnified!! In our walk before You, be magnified!! When the backslidden invite us to eat with them, You be magnified!!! If we go to eat with them, You be magnified!!! Cause our hearts to continually be glad in You!!!

5. But I am poor and needy: make haste unto me, O God: thou art my help and my deliverer; O Lord, make no tarrying. Father God, I know that David was not physically poor and needy, but in his spirit, he was poor and needy.  I am like me father David, poor and needy.  SO, HURRY UP LORD, HELP ME, HURRY UP LORD, DELIVER US, HURRY UP LORD, WE CALL ON YOU THIS DAY TO HURRY UP LORD, BECAUSE YOU ARE MY HELP, IT IS YOU THAT WE LEAN ON, HURRY UP LORD!!!! HURRY UP LORD!!!! IN JESUS NAME, AMEN! HURRY UP LORD!!!!