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The Abundant Grace Apostolic Church strives to provide a holistic community in which individuals develop a relationship with God that will fill their spiritual, mental and natural needs from the cradle to the grave.  By following the principles of the Holy Bible, the Church assists in the birth, transformation, and conversion process to ready souls for their eternal resting place. 


We are a “teaching ministry.”  The Church follows the doctrinal teachings set forth by the Apostles in the King James Version of the Holy Bible.  The Church is a part of the Independent Apple - - Apostolic Pentecostal People Learning Enterprise.  

Baptism and Salvation

We believe that to be saved from your sins and to live eternally, you must repent of your sins and be baptized (fully immersed) in water in the Name of Jesus Christ as found in Acts 2:38.  You must be filled with the Gift of the Holy Spirit.  And, the Holy Spirit must dwell on the inside of you.  You must live and walk according to the laws, statutes and commandments of God. 

Gifts of the Spirit 

The Church operates in all of the Gifts of the Spirit.  

The Oneness of God - - Jesus is Lord and God  

The Church believes that there is only One God.  The Church believes that Jesus Christ is both Lord and God.  We believe that Jesus Christ took on the form of Flesh and became the Living Word.  We believe that Jesus Christ was crucified, and that He subsequently raised Himself from the dead.  We believe that Jesus Christ will be coming back soon to take those who have prepared themselves to a place that He has prepared for them.  We believe that all power belongs to Jesus Christ.  Jesus Christ is Our Lord, Our Savior, Our Redeemer and Our God!