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September 6, 2015                               Elder Deborah L.D. Scott, Pastor

Series Title:  The Holy Ghost

Today's Message:  Why Do I Need the Fire of the Holy Ghost

Luke 12:49 …………………The Holy Ghost is Fire

  • Fire; continuous attack, a series of things that follow each other quickly and relentlessly, especially if hostile or intimidating, passion, energy, spirit, or intensity of feeling, excite somebody to arouse strong emotion in somebody, warning cry, used to tell others that a dangerous fire has started
  • Continuous; unbroken, having no gaps, holes, or breaks,
  • Attack; transitive verb to subject somebody or something to strong or vehement criticism, transitive verb to begin something such as work with enthusiasm or determination and deal vigorously with it
  • Passion; intense or overpowering emotion such as love, joy, hatred, or anger, strong emotions, especially as distinct from reason or intellect, a sudden outburst of an emotion such as rage, hatred, or jealousy
  • Excite; to stimulate favorably, transitive and intransitive verb to cause somebody to feel enjoyment or pleasurable anticipation, to evoke something into your mind, transitive verb to cause a memory, thought, or other response to form in the mind

Acts 16:6 ……Holy Ghost will forbid teaching to certain people

  • Forbid; to state authoritatively that something must not be done, to make something impossible, or prevent something from happening, to tell somebody, especially forcefully, not to do or have something.
  • Impossible; very difficult to deal with and apparently without a solution, not possible, not able to exist or be done, not endurable, unbearably difficult or not possible to endure
  • Authoritatively; convincing, reliable, backed by evidence, and showing deep knowledge, showing confidence in or the expectation of being obeyed

Acts 20:28 ……………………Made you Overseers

  • Made (Make); a range of nouns to describe an action, where "make" is used rather than a more specific verb, transitive verb to assemble something from constituent parts
  • Overseer; somebody who supervises work done by somebody else (Supervisor), one who keeps watch over and directs the work of others

Acts 21:8-11 ……….Will Show You Your Future

  • Future; events that have not yet happened, an expected or projected state, expected to be or happen at a time still to come
  • Expect; to believe with confidence, or think it likely, that an event will happen in the future, to wait for, or look forward to, something that is believed to be going to happen or arrive, to demand or anticipate receiving something because of a perceived right to it or because it is due or appropriate

1 Peter 1:12-16 …… The Angels Desire to look

  • Desire; to wish or long for; crave; want, to express a wish to obtain; ask for; request, to wish or long for; to want, to long or hope for, exhibit or feel desire for
  • Crave; to have a strong desire for something, to beg somebody to do or give something, to want greatly, long for, to ask for earnestly, and to have an intense desire for.

Jude 1:20………………… Pray in the Holy Ghost

  • Pray; to speak to God, in order to give thanks, express regret, or ask for help, to hope strongly for something, to ask God for something, especially earnestly or with passion, to attempt to achieve something by prayer.