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May 3, 2015                                                              Elder Clifton Easter

Series Title:  “What Love Is”

Today's Message:  “Love (Understood) Does not Boast


How to Love                                                            Scriptures

Be humble                                                              Psalms 49: 6 - 7

Don’t brag                                                              Psalms 34: 2

Give Credit to others                                              Philippians 3: 1 - 8

                                                                             Jeremiah 9: 23 - 24


Boast:  To speak too highly of oneself or to speak too highly of what one owns or knows.

To be Proud:  Be haughty; pride - thinking too well of oneself, having or showing a high opinion of oneself.    Supercilious - showing scorn or indifferent because of feeling superior - a sense of entitlement.

To Brag/Braggart - To praise oneself for what you have done.  To talk too much about something one has done or about one’s possessions.

Grievous - Hard to bear; causing great pains

Concision - Cutting up or off mutilation

Mutilation - To make imperfect by removing a part or parts.

Encouragement to the Saints - Let your boasting be of Jesus Christ, not of oneself, In Jesus Name, Amen and Amen Again.